Tuesday, 5 February 2008

BBD#6 - The Round-Up - Part Two

After carefully checking my mailbox, I've found some more entries for BBD#6 - 41 altogether! (Please let me know if I still missed something...) The second part of the BBD#6 has a lot to offer and starts off with something that could well be the inofficial logo of this month's theme:

Bron of Bron Marshall took the theme literally and shaped B R E A D using pretzel dough. Needless to say, her letters look as perfect as her pretzels!

Note: I've got one more entry to add!

If you're looking for a healthy alternative to croissants, head over to Baking History and try her Vienna Rolls! Little dots of cold butter are incorporated into the bread dough and make for a flaky, crusty result.

K of Bread/Pain created Syrian-style twisted cracker rings with a nutty sesame topping.

Wanna see a super-cute chubby turtle made out of bread dough and with chocolate chunk eyes? Head over to Marija of Palachinka!

L of Lemonpi opted for pretzels (a choice I can understand very well!). However, she tried a sweet version from Finnland called Viipurinrinkeli - with such a cute name, it's a must-try!

Bread plaits seem to be by far the most popular bread shape and that's exactly what Marta of Los fogones de mi casa created, using an all-purpose flour based dough.

Brilynn of Jumbo Empanadas has a Challah recipe up her sleeve that won't let you down - and with a filling of roasted hazelnuts and nutella, I'm sold!

At first glance, Cakelaw didn't think much of the appearance of her filled bread ring. However, its taste won her over. You simply can't go wrong with ham, eggs, cheese, tomato, and olives!

Same with Pam of Sidewalk Shoes: She wasn't happy with her Apple Challah that lost some of its filling during the bake. But who cares when you have such a nicely browned crust to bite in!

Following an old Italian tradition, Elizabeth of Blog from our Kitchen made Occhi di Santa Lucia - an S-shaped bread. Using her Wild Yeast Bread recipe the result went down a treat with lasagne.

More cute animals! Lien of Notitie van Lien not only made chubby little rabbit who could compete with the turtle over the title of the cutest bread animal ever! Lien also made an alligator who lost its dangerous appearance during baking and turned out to be more like a friendly platypus instead. That was still not enough for this keen shaper, and Lien also made an apricot-filled flower bread. Chapeau!

Kelly of Sass & Veracity also likes the way the Scandinavians make their bread: Check out her Finnish Pulla with cardamom!

Pasticcera/Pastry chef of Bella Baita View now living in Italy, decided to use a traditional Pain de Campagne recipe to shape it into two different kinds of epi de ble. One straight, one round, it's hard to say which one I like better.

Crusty, round, with twisted rays - what could this be? Lynnylu of Cafe Lynnylu created the most awesome Pain du Soleil.

Corum Blog can show off with another flower bread - this time using spelt flower which is a favourite of mine. Using different toppings, everyone can have a petal to his or her liking.

Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups recreated a classic, the famous Parker House Roll. She did give it a new twist, though, using a potato-based dough and lots of seeds.

Karen of Bake my Day gets a perfect crust-to-crumb ratio with her crusty epi de ble. It's time to use the scissors more often...

Susan of Wild Yeast certainly knows a thing or two about bread! If you want to know how to shape a perfect Couronne Bordelaise, head over to her blog. And the best part, you can do it without having to buy expensive equipment!

Pam of The Backyard Pizzeria also likes Italian breads: Her pane siciliano is s-shaped and of a lovely golden colour - thanks to semolina flour.

Holly of PheMOMenon stays true to the name of her blog and comes up with a truly phenomenal Kolach. If you like the flavours of orange, pecan, and chocolate, this sweet bread is for you!

For a cinnamon addict like me, these beautifully slashed cinnamon rolls are the perfect afternoon treat! Arden of In the Kitchen with Arden, could you please send me some...?

And last, but not least, there's the Swedish Tea Ring of Tartelette! In fact, she forgot to email me but as I'm checking her blog quite frequently, I was very pleased to see this yummy creation and it shall not go unnoticed!

PS: These are my BBD#6 creations! But you must excuse me for now, I need to get baking...


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Pretty amazing breads in both rounds, from simple to fantastic.
Thanks for a pretty special 2 stage round-up Eva!! Great job.

Bron said...

Thanks so much Eva!! Super super roundups of so many gorgeous breads - only wish we could smell the beautiful baked aromas!

Marta said...

great roundup. Thanks Eva!!!

Y said...

What a fantastic collection of breads. Great theme you picked, for BBD #6 :)

Elizabeth said...

Where to start, where to start!

What a terrific roundup, Eva. I must say that I blanched a little when I saw that you had chosen the theme of shaped breads. I secretly vowed to avoid twisting, braiding, etc except for very special occasions. But seeing all of the others' wonderful entries, I'm inspired to branch away from boules again.

Bravi a tutti!


Nora B. said...

Wow, this round-up is even more exciting! I love all the sweet breads and those with fillings. I have already bookmarked some.

Thanks for very nicely written up round-ups. You did very well hosting BBD#6!

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

I thought that the first part was great, but with the second part added on, this is true bread heaven!

Petra aka Cascabel said...

Thanks for a great theme and a great round-up! My list of to-try breads is getting longer and longer....

Anonymous said...

Hi Eva

great roundup and theme! Thanks for hosting.

It looks like you have not received my entry. This is the link:

Cakelaw said...

Thanks for hosting this event Eva and for a marvellous roundup!

Eva said...

Hi,MyKitcheninHalfCups, the variety is really amazing!

Bron - I'd wish that, too...

You're welcome, Marta!

Y - In the beginning I was afraid that maybe there aren't enough alternive bread shapes but now we know that there's plenty!

Hi Elizabeth, if the round-up encourages you to try your hands on some shaping, then I'll consider my job well done!

Thank you, Nora! Same with me, I'm simply addicted to sweet breads...

Aparna, I'm glad to hear that..;-)

Mine, too, Petra! Don't know if I'll ever manage to get through..;-)

Sorry to hear that, Baking History! Maybe your email ended up in my spam folder? I'll add you in asap!

Thank you, Cakelaw! It was really great to see so many wonderful entries!

Lien said...

Thanks a lot Eva for hosting and making a great round-up. And thanks to all bakers, because there's some baking to do now seeing all these beautiful recipes!
I'm with Petra... getting a to-bake-list that's getting longer and longer! Great fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eva!
And thank you again for hosting: the theme you proposed was great!

Mer said...

Wow! What a great collection of beautifully shaped breads. :0)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Eva!
Thanks for a great theme and a beautiful roundup!


Lynne Daley said...

Thanks, Eva for your great job of hosting BBD#6. I have never seen so many lovely shapes of bread as was in your round-up. I will definitely keep baking breads!

Helene said...

Hi Eva! Thanks for the round up.My gmail account says that my entry email was sent to you on January may be lost in cyberspace!

Kajal@aapplemint said...

Eva,honestly, i am totally intimidated by all these fantastic looking breads. I really have to get down to baking some myself. Really nice to of to host this lovely event and bring to all these wonderful bread recipes. I see my self bookmarking a lot of these.

Kajal@aapplemint said...

BTW I voted for you on Margot’s blog , for the most inspiring food photographer Feb. 2008. I think u really deserve it. I know u are winning ... good luck!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great roundup! There are so many gorgeous breads here...



Eva said...

Tartelette - Meanwhile I've found your email, too.... Guess I'm just not the tech-savvy person I'd better be...

Thanks for all your nice comments, guys!

And a special thank you to Kate for voting for me..;-)