Saturday, 2 February 2008

BBD#6 - The Round-Up - Part One

Lots of people have been baking and shaping in the last few weeks and I must say it was a real pleasure seeing so many wonderful creations for Bread Baking Day #6 trickle into my mailbox. I received 35 entries from allover the world - thanks to Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte who created this popular food blogging event.

Now I'm absolutely spoiled for choice: Which one of these elaborate sweet and savoury breads should I try to recreate first..? I'm sure you'll see some of these recipes pop up on this blog in the course of the next few months and I hope that you will do just the same. The idea of sharing bread with friends and family is well-known allover the world and sharing bread recipes comes pretty close! There are many variations of braided bread, lots of unusual folding has been done, and even several inhabitants of the animal kingdom made it into this round-up!

The entries will appear in the order of arrival in my mailbox. To avoid an overly long post - and to draw more attention to each creation - I'll be splitting the round-up into two posts. The next one will come up very soon!

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to finding out what the theme of BBD#7 is going to be. Head over to the next host, Petra of Chili & Ciabatta, she'll reveal the secret on February 6!

Nora of Life's Smorgasbord opted for the ever so popular braided loaf: Her version uses potato for a tender texture. A little sugar turns this shiny loaf into a real tea time treat!

Gretchen of Canela & Comino from is a lucky one: With Challah on her must-try list for 2008, her choice for BBD#6 was obvious. That's how to go about new year's resolutions!

The German-speaking blogger-group Huettenhilfe prepared flatbread with herbs. Slashed in a criss cross pattern, this bread has lots of crusty bits to offer.

Petra from Chili & Ciabatta shares her vast knowledge about bread baking with a whole photo series: Learn how to make her beautifully folded Pan de Hojaldre or Pane Sfogliato!

Katie from Apple & Spice offers another tasty afternoon treat: Her Coffee, Almond, and Choc Chip Braided Bread goes down well with a cup of coffee or tea!

Sarah from What Smells So Good? enters the realm of fairy tales with her edible version of "The Prince and the Pauper": Her breadsticks contain peasant ingredients like rolled oats as well as expensive spices like saffron.

Ever wanted to know how to braid using four instead of three strands? With her poppy seed plait, Ulrike of Kuechenlatein shows you how!

There can never be enough recipes for plaited breads with poppy seeds: Patricia from Technicolor Kitchen presents the Brazilian version of this popular loaf which uses condensed milk - very yummy!

Boaz from Folding Pain took up the challenge and entered two different recipes: His sourdough couronne was wonderful already but his whole wheat stars with dried fruits and oats are absolutely stunning!

Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen shows off with her Bratislava Rolls. Dunking these sweet-filled crescents into a cup of tea is highly recommended!

I don't know how to handle a six-strand braid but Chris from Mele Cotte surly does. His sophisticated Challah is decorated with black and white sesame seeds.

Jenny from I'm hungry enters savoury bread to be pulled apart: With this Garlic and Herb Monkey Bread she won't be hungry any longer!

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen offers a perfectly shaped Onion Fougasse. Well done!

DoriAnn from Baby Steps made - together with her little helper - not one but three Challahs: with three, five, and six strands!

Judy from Judy's gross eats wanted to come up with something unusual and she did, indeed: Her Colomba die Pasqua turned out beautiful!

BBD-founder Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte decided to shape a bread flower using the especially strong Manitoba flour and pumpkin seeds for decoration. As far as centrepieces go, I definitely prefer edible ones!

Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska: Blogger Laurie beats the cold by making the food of her second home, a Greek island, and tapping on the rich culinary traditions of the region. Check out her Algerian flat bread.

Part Two of the round-up will follow soon!


zorra said...

What a great roundup - I can't wait to see part 2! Thank you Eva you are a wonderful BBD-host!

ostwestwind said...

Wow, what a gorgeous collection of beautiful breads!

Thanks for hosting!

Ulrike from Küchenlatein

Chris said...

Wow! All these breads look wonderful. Thanks for hosting!

Nora B. said...

Hi Eva,
Terrific round-up. I look forward to browsing through those blogs - braiding using more than three strands! I never heard of that before, I will have to learn that for sure.

Looking forward to part two. :-)


Katy said...

lovely! all of these are so inspiring -- now i want some fresh bread!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Boy, do I have a hankering for freshly baked bread.

Eva said...

Thank you, Zorra, it was my pleasure! Part two is online by now!

Thanks, Ulrike, check out the second half!

Cheers, Chris, all you guys have really been baking up a storm!

Hi Nora, yes, handling more than three strands seems a bit daunting to me, too. But who knows, now I might try..;-)

Katy, just get baking, you can't get more inspiration than that!

Susan, glad to hear that the round-up did the trick!

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Breads galore and such a wonderful variety.

Gretchen Noelle said...

These all look beautiful! I cannot wait to try out more shaped bread recipes! Yum!

Eva said...

Yes, Aparna, I was quite amazed by this lovely work!