Monday, 24 March 2008

I need to take a break... you might have guessed by now..:-(

The final weeks before my (first) wedding are full with all sorts of things but not much that involves cooking or baking. Therefore, after neglecting this blog for so long (and feeling really bad about it), I thought I rather let you know why. And I promise to come back on a regular basis once all the excitement is over. Hoping that you will come back, too...

PS: This isn`t me - I just took the photo of a dear friend who got married recently.

PPS: Just to clarify - I have no intentions of marrying someone else after the "first" wedding, it´s just that we´ll be celebrating twice in two different countries..;-)


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Enjoy it all.

ostwestwind said...

Ich wünsche dir für deine Zukunft alles Gute, bei mir ist es beim 1. Mal geblieben. Das wünsche ich dir auch!

Anonymous said...

Dear Eva,
Congratulations! I wish you all the best and a very "sweet" life full of happiness and joy!

Zarah Maria said...

Oh my goodness Eva! Congratulations in advance! A wise choice to put up a "while-we-wait" post - I've done it quite a number of times and it really works wonders on your conscience. Prepare well, and enjoy it, and of course we will wait for your return :) (The picture's gorgeous, btw)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

All the best for your wedding and see you soon!



Aparna said...

Oh, that's lovely. Congratulations.
Do have a wonderful time and will wait to see you back.
I'm taking a break too, as we're moving.

Half Baked said...

Good luck with your wedding. Sending you best wishes for a happy ever after!

El Sastre de Ulm said...

I'v read your blog for a few weks without posting any comment. I pay special atention to yuo pics, which I find very inspiring.

Now I just have a couple of things to say: congratulatios! and come back soon!

Eva said...

Thanks Tanna!

Hallo Ulrike, hab jetzt erst gemerkt, dass ich mich wohl etwas missverstaendlich ausgedrueckt habe..;-) Waehrend der letzten Wochen vor der ersten Hochzeit in Australien bereite ich naemlich die zweite Feier in Deutschland vor, die einige Monate spaeter stattfinden wird. Aber ich hoffe natuerlich auch, dass das es bei zwei Feiern und einer Ehe bleiben wird..;-)

Thank you so much Ibrahim! One thing´s for sure, my soon-to-be husband is blaming me already for a slightly expanded waistline..;-)

Thank you, Zaha Maria! Isn´t it incredible how attached one can become to blogging! And I´m missing my kitchen badly...

Thank you, Rosa, I´m so looking forward to the wedding but I´m looking forward to returning to my kitchen and my camera, too!

Thanks Aparna! All the best with the move (something I well and truly hate) - may it be as painless as possible!

Thanks half baked! I´ll be working on it!

Welcome, el sastre de Ulm! It´s so exciting to see someone new popping up! Looking forward to tempting you with some new creations asap!

Schnuppschnuess said...

Ganz viel Glück und Segen für Dich und Deinen Liebsten!

Y said...

All the best to you! And will be looking forward to your online return :)

robin said...

Have a great wedding!

And thanks for the clarification, though I thought it was pretty amusing to call it your first wedding! My boyfriends aunt Maria and uncle Ken have been married for many many years and Ken always calls Maria his "first wife." Funny guy.

Patricia Scarpin said...

I wish you all the best, my dear friend.

Eva said...

Vielen Dank, Schnuppschnuess!

Me, too, Y! Today I've looked at some blogs for the first time in weeks, and boy, I've missed so much. Can't wait to get started myself allover again!

Thanks Robin! I thought so much about both of my wedding parties that I didn't realize the mistake for quite a while..;-)

Thanks Patricia, it's really appreciated!

Tess said...


I am enjoying your glorious blog! I am writing a uni assignment on the Pyrmont Growers Markets and wonder if i might include a quote from your blog on the markets? namely the sentence about them being more about 'gourmet' foods?

Eva said...

Hi Tess,

What an interesting project - no problem with quoting me! Will your work be published in any way? If so, please let me know, I'd be quite curious to know more about the markets!


Tess said...

thanks Eva!

not sure about the publishing, i'll let you know