Monday, 5 February 2007

Frozen Jogurt with Passionfruit

Embarking on an adventure while knowing that you don't have neither the experience nor the proper equipment is probably a foolish thing to do. However, when I saw the elderflower and honey glace on Lara's Cook&Eat quite some time ago, I decided that it was time to finally make frozen yogurt with passionfruit. Ok, the connection might not be evident but I simply didn't have (and didn't now where to buy) elderflower syrup and extravagant honey. However, when I saw the passionfruit sale at my local grocery shop (10 passionfruits for 3 Aussie-Dollars), I didn't have to think twice. The fact that I don't own an ice-cream maker couldn't stop me either. I am well aware that you shouldn't make ice-cream without a properly churning machine unless you use lots of cream, egg yolks, sugar, and alcohol. My parfait - vanilla, chocolate&rum, cinnamon, or walnut praline - is pretty good and so rich that it definitely doesn't need an ice-cream maker. No big ice crystal will ever be able to build up in this addictive mixture...

However, once in a while you want something lighter and I do love frozen yogurt. I have never eaten a homemade version but I took Lara's version as an inspiration and then decided to just follow my imagination - and the unfrozen mixture was heavenly creamy and yummy. I tried to stir during the freezing process as often as possible but at some point I decided to go to bed. So if you want to reproduce this, take my advice: start early in the day so the yogurt will be thoroughly frozen when you want to sleep... All in all, I ended up with a tasty frozen yogurt which unfortunately wasn't as creamy as I had hoped. If you don't insist on properly formed scoops, simply let it thaw about 15 minutes before eating and everything will be fine! Or - even better - go and get yourself an ice-cream maker...

Frozen Yogurt with Passionfruit

The ingredients

300g cream (20% fat)
500g yogurt (3,8% fat)
3 sachets vanilla sugar (about 3 heaped tablespoons)
3 egg whites
100g caster sugar
pinch of salt
10 passionfruits

yields about 2 litres (roughly estimated)

Pulp the passionfruits and set aside.

Beat egg whites with the caster sugar and a pinch of salt until stiff but not dry. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat cream with vanilla sugar until soft peaks form. Fold in yogurt.

Fold the meringue into the yogurt and cream mixture and pour into a container suitable for freezing. Stir every hour with a fork to break ice crystals.

When the mixture starts to get thoroughly frozen, fold in passionfruit pulp - either mix in completely or try to create separate layers of frozen yogurt and passionfruit.

The source
My own creation

The hint
Serve either with sliced strawberries or with vanilla ice-cream and topped with natural yogurt.


Susan from Food Blogga said...

So glad you perservered!

You've got some lovely recipes and photos here.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Eva said...

Thanks a lot for this compliment! I can give it right back - you have some awesome pasta on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Those gorgeous strawberries.... they look so sweet and nice. Missing them this winter...