Thursday, 13 December 2007

Menu for Hope #4

Working my way through a whole lot of projects before I finally leave for my Christmas break (which is not even 48 hours away, how on earth am I going to finish everything...), I know one thing that's definitely on my priority list: Menu for Hope #4.

I take the reason mentioned above as an excuse not to explain everything in detail as I did last year - Lara of Cook & Eat has done it much better anyway! I'll just say that this is a very worth while way to spend some money during Christmas time supporting people in need: feeding starving children in Lesotho with food produced locally using sustainable farming methods. And to make it even better, it gives you the opportunity to win incredible prizes donated by bloggers all over the world! Please donate now!


Anna said...

hi eva, i have a prize that might interest you? gourmet traveller are offering a day on set styling and photographing one of their feature articles. seems right up your alley:

Eva said...

hi anna, thanks so much for alerting me to this wonderful opportunity! I managed to put in a bid while traveling through NZ! Now all I can do is waiting...